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2 Feb

Is your Meter Operator Agreement (MOP contract) in place?



A Meter Operator agreement or (MOP contract) is a legal requirement for all half hourly electricity supplied meters. This contract covers the supply of the meter, maintenance and the necessary telecommunications for sending your consumption data to your energy supplier.

As part of the UK de-regulated energy market you now have the right to appoint your own meter operator as apposed to letting your current energy supplier appoint there preferred supplier as the cost is often hidden in a suppliers standing charge.

The subject of metering is often confusing for customers since privatisation, particularly since the meter operator contract is no longer part of the supply agreement.

Many customers are unaware of required legislation such as the statutory requirement that sites with a maximum demand in excess of 100kW should have half-hourly metering installed as standard, and are unsure of who to contact.

The process of managing the relationship between the Supplier, Meter Operator and Local Distributor is often a minefield, and is an area where many customers choose to outsource.

If you are unsure if you have a MOP agreement in place for your half hourly site please call Samantha Jones on 0161 237 3333.