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5 Apr

Is Your Firm on the Cheapest Gas Tariff?

by Simon Thompson

If you know the answer to the question of ‘Is your firm on the cheapest gas tariff?’, then you will be more knowledgeable than many other firms and organisations in the UK.

That’s because one government survey highlights that around 40% of firms have never switched their energy supplier, so it’s likely that they are not on the cheapest gas tariff necessary for their everyday needs.

In addition, it’s also likely that their provider has rolled them onto an automatic contract with higher rates, these are known as deemed rates, so switching gas providers should lead to big savings.

For those firms who say ‘Yes’ to the question about being on the cheapest gas tariff for their firm’s needs, you may also have to appreciate that the cheapest deal may not necessarily be the best one.

Compare business gas prices every year

One reason for this, is that many energy providers offer other incentives and services, including better levels of customer service to attract customers, but all firms should compare business gas prices every year.

By doing so, they will be reassured that they are on the cheapest gas tariff that was available when they began searching the marketplace because gas prices fluctuate regularly in a competitive market.

One important issue when it comes to comparing gas prices for gas procurement is to understand how to find these prices to start with.

You could contact providers directly or use a business gas comparison site for this purpose, or you could use experts who can help provide a flexible gas procurement service to firms large and small.

Search for the best commercial gas quote

It’s the search for the best commercial gas quote that meets your needs that should really include experts who can search the marketplace for offers and find the best one for you.

One of the issues when it comes to comparing commercial gas quotes is that the provider must offer a bespoke deal, which then makes it harder to compare these deals on a like-for-like basis between suppliers. You may need to rely on a third party who understands how the market works and can explain the deals to you.

In addition to accessing the cheapest prices, you could also utilise the services of a provider to help you reduce the amount of energy your firm uses to enjoy real long-term savings.

In addition, this gas procurement service means that you not only enjoy cheaper bills, but you’ll be helping our environment by using less gas as a result.

If you would like more help in finding and then understanding the cheapest gas tariff that might be available for your firm’s needs, then it is time to speak with the experts at D-Energi who will be able to help.