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31 Jul

Is The Cheapest Gas Tariff For Business The Best One?

by Simon Thompson

For most businesses, finding the cheapest gas tariff is an important way to control overheads but is it necessarily the best one for their needs?

With so many business gas suppliers in the market means there’s a wide range of deals and tariffs available and firms will need to do some homework.

But with so many business owners being tied-up with day-to-day activities, finding the time and inclination to shop around potential suppliers can be difficult.

Not only is this a time-consuming and sometimes confusing process, they may not fully understand whether a particular tariff will meet their needs.

Compare business gas prices between suppliers

Along with this opportunity to compare business gas prices between suppliers, the firm will be to work out which tariff will best meet their needs.

Also, while they may be tempted to use an online comparison website, they need to appreciate that not every supplier may be quoted on there.

Inevitably, this means they are not searching the entire market and there may be better and cheaper business gas deals available.

On top of this, should they be tempted by an offering on a comparison website, they will still need to speak with the supplier directly to arrange a bespoke offering.

A bespoke commercial gas quote

This means they will need a bespoke commercial gas quote that will hopefully lower their overheads and boost profits.

However, while the deal may appear to be attractive there are a number of issues that firms will need to be wary of.

Despite the opportunities being offered by comparison websites, around 40% of firms haven’t switched their energy supplier and are probably paying more than the need to as a consequence.

That’s why a deal that may appear to be the best offering may not be the best tariff that suits the firm; after closer examination, the business will need help and advice in deciding whether an offer is a good one.

Or, they could simply speak with an organisation that understands how the business gas market works and will have access to all of the market and the best offers and tariffs.


For those firms who are looking to enjoy the cheapest gas tariff for their business and wanting to ensure it is the best one for their needs, then it is time to speak with the friendly team at D-Energi for more help.