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4 Apr

How Your Business Can Save with P272

by Simon Thompson

One of the big changes experienced by firms in recent years was over how they were billed for energy use which is why the understanding of the term P272 is important.

Essentially, P272 describes the type of meter being used by a firm or organisation and will measure how much energy is being used more accurately.

This means there will be no more estimated bills and a potential new business energy supplier will see how much energy you are using and when you use it.

The meter sends this information to the supplier every 30 minutes which means they are sometimes referred to as half hourly, or HH, meters.

P272 legislation

The P272 legislation means that large energy users, they have meters with the number 05-08 in the top left-hand corner on the meter’s front, have been switched to the new arrangement.

The deadline for having a half hourly meter was 1 April 2017 and should have been done automatically. If not, and you are on the wrong meter, then you need to contact your energy supplier or the D-Energi team.

The aim of the P272 legislation was to help the suppliers of energy organise supplies more effectively because they could easily predict periods of demand more easily.

By doing so, their savings could then be passed on to large energy users as a result for them to enjoy cheaper bills.

This is part of a push by the government to help introduce more competition in the energy supply marketplace since a survey highlighted that 40% of firms have never switched so with more firms looking for new energy providers should lead to more competition and lower bills for all organisations.

Introduction of P272 was by the industry regulator Ofgem

The introduction of P272 was by the industry regulator Ofgem so if your firm is looking to renew your energy supply contract then this might be an important consideration.

It may also be a confusing issue if you have been unaware of P272 or half hourly meters previously but the data from the meter should help you access cheaper deals.

It’s also possible to use software to analyse the data produced by your P272 meter and you can use this to help reduce your energy usage levels. As mentioned earlier, a potential new energy supplier can also use this data to offer a bespoke deal that will meet your needs.


If your business is looking to save money on your energy supplies then it’s important to not only shop around for a new supplier but if you are a large user then understanding how P272 works for you is also crucial to access the best deals and, again, the D-Energi team can help with information and source a cheaper supplier.