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30 May

How You Can Find the Cheapest Gas Tariff for Business

by Simon Thompson

As a business owner, you may believe that finding the cheapest gas tariff for your firm will be a simple process and it should be.

For example, you could simply carry out an Internet search to find potential gas providers and contact them for their best gas deals for your firm’s needs.

Alternatively, you could use one of the many business energy comparison websites to find a new supplier and within minutes you will be offered a new deal that will probably beat the one you’re currently on. But is this result too good to be true? The answer is, probably yes.

Compare business gas prices between new suppliers

That’s because when you want to compare business gas prices between new suppliers you should really search the entire marketplace and some of these comparison sites don’t do this.

In addition, even though they may find you a cheaper and better deal, you will still need to contact the recommended supplier directly because they must offer you bespoke terms that meet your firm’s needs.

So, while you may be able to access a cheaper deal fairly quickly this may not be the best deal to meet your needs and other new suppliers may offer other attractive services including a consultancy service that will help your firm use less gas and enjoy longer term savings as a result.

It may also be that you simply check with the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers and appreciate that there’s not much difference in their offers and believe that it’s not worthwhile making the switch because you want to be saving money. This could be an expensive mistake to make and you should check smaller suppliers as well.

Sourcing a commercial gas quote

When it comes to sourcing a commercial gas quote that will save you money, a government survey reveals that 40% of firms have never carried out a search to find a new energy supplier. This means they are probably paying more than they should be doing for their energy needs.

One reason why all firms should carry out this exercise to find cheaper gas prices for their firm’s needs every year is to help stimulate competition in the marketplace so all firms will benefit as suppliers compete to attract new business.

It also needs to be appreciated that the savings that can be made when switching to a new gas supplier can be significant with even a one-man operation enjoying savings of up to 25%; this could be a substantial saving for much larger concerns.


Essentially, if you and your firm are looking to find the cheapest gas tariff available for business then it will pay to speak with the experts at D-Energi.