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6 Sep

How You Can Compare Business Electricity And Gas Prices

by Simon Thompson

The best reason for why you should compare business electricity and gas prices is to lower your overheads to boost profitability.

While you may believe this is a time-consuming process, there are easy ways to achieve cheaper energy prices.

The best way is to speak with the experts at D-Energi for the latest and best energy deals for businesses but you can also undertake the research yourself by visiting potential suppliers and also business energy comparison websites.

This opportunity to enjoy lower business energy costs is available to firms of all shapes and sizes whether you are a one-man band, a thriving startup or have several business premises.

There’s no reason why you should be paying more than you need to for your commercial energy needs.

Compare business gas and electricity prices

Indeed, research to compare business gas and electricity prices should be undertaken every year regardless of the firm’s size to help ensure the firm is on top of its costs.

The savings that can be delivered will vary depending on the firm’s size and location as well as their energy usage but can range from several hundred pounds for a one-man band, for instance, to several thousands of pounds for larger operations.

It’s also interesting to learn, according to the Competition and Markets Authority, that 40% of businesses in the UK have not changed their energy provider in the last five years.

This lack of activity means they are probably paying over the odds for their energy since their supplier will roll them onto a ‘deemed’ tariff which tends to be more expensive. This is even more shocking since a simple phone call will source cheaper energy suppliers and the switchover process is seamless as well.

Compare business energy prices and deals

It is now easier than it ever been to compare business energy prices and deals and all firms could benefit by doing so.

As mentioned previously, the switchover process is seamless though you will need to appreciate that it is not possible to get a dual fuel deal since the gas and electricity offers will be bespoke offerings.

However, firms can have the same supplier deliver both fuels and enjoy a good deal for doing so.

Indeed, it’s this need to offer a bespoke offering that will come as a surprise if you have visited online business energy comparison websites since the great deal that is delivered after a quick search may not be the same when you contact the supplier directly.


If you are looking to compare business electricity and gas prices and want more advice about how to get the best offers, then speak with the helpful team at D-Energi.