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24 Jan

How to Switch Your Business Electricity Supplier and Save

by Simon Thompson

When it comes to a firm switching their business electricity supplier then it will pay to speak with the experts to find the best deal for your needs.

This will mean speaking with the friendly D-Energi team to understand how the market works and they can access the latest deals and offers quickly.

There are lots of suppliers in the business electricity market and they have a wide range of offers though they must tailor their offering to your own business’s needs.

But how do you know whether this is the best offer available?

Find the best business electricity rates

It’s fairly simple to carry out research to find the best business electricity rates and that’s to visit one of the comparison websites to see what the market rate for your firm could be.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered including your firm’s energy usage, for example, when you’re low and peak periods of use are and your location may also have an impact on price.

The website may also not be searching the entire market to find the best deals and you may be surprised at finding what appears to be a great deal but still needing to speak with a potential supplier directly.

That’s because they have to offer a bespoke deal for your business.

The market for supplying business electricity

As mentioned earlier, the market for supplying business electricity is now more competitive so prices have fallen as a result but still, many firms do not make the effort to switch.

This could be an expensive mistake since their current supplier may be rolling them onto a more expensive contract automatically when there are big savings to be made.

Also, some firms may believe that the switchover process is more complicated than it is and they prefer to stay with their supplier because of this.

The UK government says that around 40% of firms have never switched supplier so it’s likely they are paying over the odds for their business electricity needs and they are not helping stimulate competition within the marketplace which will automatically lead to lower prices.

It also needs to be appreciated that while many firms may choose to remain with the ‘big six’, those are the better-known energy suppliers, there are better deals available from firms you are unlikely to have heard of previously. This should not put you off from switching between business electricity suppliers.


However, the experts at D-Energi will be able to explain more and probably find a cheaper deal than you currently enjoy and they can also deal with the switchover process so it’s a seamless transition between your business electricity supplier.