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16 Apr

How to Source A Cheap Commercial Gas Quote

by Simon Thompson

If you are looking to source a cheap commercial gas quote for your business then you have to put some effort into finding the cheapest UK rates.

While you could speak with the team of experts at D-Energi, there are other ways to source cheaper gas quotes for your everyday needs.

However, unlike sourcing a gas provider for our homes, business plans tend to be more complicated and there are other issues affecting the quote a provider may give you.

These will include your energy usage levels as well as your location.

It’s also important to appreciate that if you haven’t switched commercial gas suppliers in recent years then you may be on deemed rates which tend to be much higher prices.

Compare business gas prices between providers

The first step is to compare business gas prices between providers to get a good idea of what the current market rate is for your location and needs.

You could visit supplier websites and then speak with a representative to get a bespoke quote.

This can be a time-consuming process and you will probably be missing out on better and cheaper commercial gas providers.

An easy way to source a market rate for your needs is to use an online comparison site which will search for the best rates and then recommend a provider.

While using these sites offer a way to meet your needs, you need to be aware that the website may not be searching the entire marketplace and you’ll still need to speak with a supplier so they can tailor their offering for you.

It helps that the team at D-Energi will search the entire marketplace to find the latest best deals and offers.

Search for the cheapest gas tariff

There are also other considerations in the search for the cheapest gas tariff for your business needs which may include how long you will sign a contract for.

While most providers will offer a contract of one year and secure the price, it is possible to access lower tariffs if you sign up for two or three years. Some providers offer five-year contracts.

There are big savings to be made when signing up for a long-term deal but you still need to be wary and check the small print very carefully and you will also need to be confident that gas prices will rise and not fall during the duration of the contract.


If you would like more help and advice about how you can source a cheap commercial gas quote for your business needs then contact the experts at D-Energi.