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11 Nov

How to Save with a Business Energy Comparison

by Simon Thompson

The main purpose of undertaking a business energy comparison exercise is to save money and boost profitability and here we explain more.

The easiest and simplest way is to do what many other businesses across the UK have done, and that’s to contact the team at D-Energi to explain what your needs are and have them search the entire market on your behalf.

Alternatively, you could contact a select few small business energy suppliers, give them your details and then try to compare their offers.

Along with this being a time-consuming process, it’s also fairly difficult undertaking a like-for-like comparison since every offer must be bespoke for your firm’s needs.

Business electricity comparison exercise

Most firms should undertake a business electricity comparison exercise annually because this will be one of their largest overheads.

Along with heating, there are also computers and printers as well as lights and air conditioning to pay for, often around the clock.

This means that even a slight reduction in the unit rate that your firm pays for its electricity usage could deliver huge savings as a result.

And it’s not just large organisations that should carry out this exercise to find cheap business energy since even small and medium-sized firms could save substantial amounts of money and boost profits.

Business gas comparison exercise

Having said that firms should carry out an electricity comparison, it’s also important to carry out a business gas comparison exercise as well, even though these bills tend to be much lower.

It will still pay dividends spending some time sourcing a new gas deal and you could also use an online gas and electricity comparison website.

Again, you will give the site a few details and they’ll check with a select number of potential providers to give you an idea of what the market rate is for your firm’s needs.

However, there are two issues here: the first is that you will still need to speak with the supplier for a bespoke offering, and the site will not be searching the entire market so there could be better deals to be found elsewhere.

Essentially, the best way to search the entire market and save with a business energy comparison is to have the D-Energi team do this for you and then take care of the switchover process, so contact them today to find out how much you can save.