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17 Feb

How to Find Half Hourly Electricity Prices

by Simon Thompson

As a large consumer of energy, if you need to find cheap half hourly electricity prices to save on costs, then this article will help.

It’s imperative that you begin the search for a new energy provider several months before your contract is due for renewal.

That’s because the procurement process for a half-hour electricity supply is more complicated than that for small firms.

Also, you need to appreciate that by not renewing your electricity contract may lead to you paying up to 30% more for your out of contract rates.

Search for half hourly electricity suppliers

The search for half hourly electricity suppliers can be a complicated one, but the market is competitive and it is worth the time and effort switching to a new provider.

It helps that the team at D-Energi understand how this half hourly electricity supply market works and you will find that the regulator Ofgem recommends that firms and organisations use an independent broker or third party to help negotiate a deal.

The D-Energi team not only has access to the entire market of suppliers, but they can also look at the contract that is offered and help explain its benefits to you.

If you are wondering whether your firm or organisation qualifies for the lower half hourly electricity rates, then you will need a half-hour meter installed.

This meter will record your energy consumption every 30 minutes and send this data to the provider for up-to-date readings and there will be no more estimated bills.

However, only large consumers of energy – that is those with a peak demand of 100 kW – have a mandatory need for these meters to be installed.

Negotiating a new half hourly electricity contract

There’s a lot to consider when negotiating a new half hourly electricity contract with a provider and it’s here where the expertise of the D-Energi team will help.

You’ll need to appreciate that the half hourly contract rates on offer will vary because of wholesale market demands and the supplier may only guarantee the price for 24-hours or so.

However, even a small reduction in your current unit price per kilowatt-hour could lead to massive savings overall, depending on your annual consumption levels.

There’s also no need to worry about switching to a new provider, there’s no loss of supply should you decide to do so and again there is help available with the paperwork and the process.

For more information about how to find half hourly electricity prices that will save you and your business money, then you need to contact the D-Energi team today.