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5 Sep

How to Find Cheaper Business Gas Rates Easily

by Simon Thompson

If you believe you are paying over the odds for your firm’s gas and want to find cheaper business gas rates easily then this article will help.

There is no reason to be paying more than you should be for your gas use but many business owners are very busy and don’t have the time to shop around individual suppliers.

While they could contact a supplier directly, they may restrict their search to the ‘Big Six’ and find that their offers are fairly similar and decide it’s not worth the time and hassle to switch to a new provider.

Since around 40% of firms in the UK, a government survey has revealed, have never switched their energy supplier means that many firms are probably paying more than they should be doing for their gas prices.

Switching to a cheaper business gas supplier

And since the savings can be substantial, it helps that switching to a cheaper business gas supplier is straightforward.

Indeed, there is no loss of gas supply to your premises when this process is undertaken and the supplier may offer other attractive benefits such as a consultancy to help your firm use less gas and boost your savings even further.

It’s also possible that if you believe business gas prices are going to rise in the short-term, that you can secure cheap gas prices for several years, which will help with cash flow planning.

There’s no doubt that predicting future gas prices can be difficult since the prices are affected by a range of events including international conflicts and demand for gas.

Accessing a cheaper business gas bill

For those interested in accessing a cheaper business gas bill, then you can do so by using a comparison site for this purpose or speak to a member of the D-Energi team who will be able to search the market to find a cheaper supplier.

Of those who want to use a comparison service, then you should check beforehand how many suppliers they are searching because there may be cheaper and better providers available who will not be asked to quote.

This means there could be bigger savings to be enjoyed by searching a wider range of providers.

Also, when using a comparison service for business gas suppliers, you will still need to speak with the recommended provider because they must offer a bespoke quote that will meet your needs.

For more help and information about determining whether your business energy quote is the cheapest available, and if it isn’t then getting help to find one that will be, you need to speak with the experts at D-Energi.