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10 Jul

How to Find A Cheap Commercial Electricity Quote


For any business looking to find a cheap commercial electricity quote, the process is straightforward and easy.

The simplest way is for a firm to contact an organisation that understands how the energy market works for business and calls them.

After handing over a view details, the firm should be able to find the cheapest energy plan for their business needs – and not all plans will be suitable.

This will mean speaking with the team at D-Energi who have the latest deals and tariffs available and who have the expertise to appreciate why a particular deal may not offer the savings or deliver what the firm wants or needs.

Sourcing commercial electricity rates

Indeed, understanding and sourcing commercial electricity rates that are suitable for business’s needs is an important part of finding a suitable deal.

This may not be apparent when a firm uses an online comparison website, for instance, since the site may not be searching the entire market and may not have enough details to deliver the tariff or package the firm is looking for.

However, the comparison website will give an indication of the current market rates that the firm should be paying and they can use this information with a potential new commercial electricity supplier.

The business will also need to appreciate whether they want to be on a fixed rate deal that runs for one, two or three years. Some deals will run for longer.

Electric prices will rise

Before doing so, the business owner or senior staff will need to appreciate whether they believe electric prices will rise over the course of a fixed rate deal.

Many firms locking into current prices could see them making substantial savings on their current contract and this will carry on for the contract’s term.

This is a sound business move should price rise but with increasing competition helping to force energy prices down, firms need to appreciate the downsides to a longer term energy deal as well.

In addition, the firm will also need to appreciate that moving to a fixed-rate deal that runs for more than one year means they will be able to plan their cashflow more effectively because they will know what their electricity bills are likely to be.


For more help in finding a cheap commercial electricity quote and then switching to a new supplier, speak with the helpful team at D-Energi.