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2 Apr

How to Access Cheap Business Energy Prices

by Simon Thompson

All firms and organisations should be looking to review their overheads every year in a bid to reduce their running costs but how do you access cheap business energy prices?

There are various ways and means, the easy way is to speak to the D-Energi team who have access to the latest deals and offers to help you reduce your energy bills.

Or you could get in touch with a variety of energy suppliers directly to see how much they will charge but it can be a potentially confusing and time-consuming process since you will be giving the same information several times and receive a range of prices and tariffs.

It’s also possible to use an online comparison business energy website and while this is a quick and easy process, the site may not be searching thoroughly the marketplace so it may be that you miss out on better deals and offers.

Also, you will still need to speak with the energy supplier highlighted by the comparison website because a supplier will need to offer a bespoke deal to meet your needs.

Cheap business electricity deals

For those wanting cheap business electricity deals then it’s important that when it comes to switching suppliers the process is not just seamless but is quick but when should you start this process?

The best time to start looking for a cheaper business electricity deal is when your current supplier contacts you with details of your next year’s supply and use this as a window of opportunity to find a new and cheaper supplier to meet your needs.

There will be many firms and organisations who will not appreciate that by not acting at this point means they will not only miss out on better electricity deals but also run the risk of being moved on to more expensive electricity tariffs by not responding to their current supplier’s offer.

A government survey has highlighted that around 40% of firms in the UK have never switched their energy supplier so they are probably paying much more than they need to for their energy needs when saving money on their overheads is a straightforward process.

Organisations looking for a cheap business gas deal

For firms and organisations looking for a cheap business gas deal then the situation is the same as that for the switching of electricity supplier. It’s quick and seamless and while gas is cheaper it’s still possible to make a substantial saving.

Indeed, regardless of your firm’s size, even a one-man enterprise could save hundreds of pounds every year on their energy bills by simply switching suppliers. For larger concerns, their savings could run to tens of thousands of pounds which makes the exercise of finding a new energy supplier a profitable one.


If you want to know more about how your firm can access cheap business energy prices, then it’s time to speak with the friendly D-Energi team.