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27 Jul

How do half-hourly electricity meters work for businesses?


Half-hourly electricity meters are most often used by larger businesses and corporations, particularly by those who use a large amount of energy. 

They are designed to provide more accurate bills helping to reduce the risk of businesses spending too much on energy without realising. 

What is a half-hourly electricity meter 

Using automatic meter reading technology a half-hourly electricity meter will provide automatic readings every half hour. As this is done automatically and is reported to your electricity supplier using a mobile signal or phone line, your bills no longer need to be estimated. Meaning, that as a business you will not have to take your own meter readings, nor will you experience over-estimated bills that require overspending on your electricity. 

In fact, not only are half-hourly meters preferred by UK businesses, they are typically installed as a mandatory requirement for UK businesses with peak loads of more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year. 

The advantages of a half-hourly electricity meter 

As mentioned above, there are plenty of benefits that come with opting for half-hourly electricity meters. For businesses looking to save on their energy bills, this is the preferred option. 

Not only do these meters ensure you do not overspend and you avoid estimated energy bills, but they also help you to better understand your energy consumption. Allowing you to review your company’s energy usage and reduce this where possible. For larger companies looking to improve their carbon footprint, half-hourly meter readings will allow you to take the first steps in reducing your carbon emissions. Setting goals and seeing a visible reduction in the amount of energy you use will be easy with the data provided by a half-hourly meter. 

Other advantages of using a half-hourly meter for your business energy include, being able to predict your usage and experiencing more tailored tariffs from your energy supplier. 

Half-hour electricity from D-ENERGi 

At D-ENERGi we offer half-hourly meters to businesses across the UK. we currently supply hundreds of these mteres to sites up and down the country. With customers benefiitng from more accurate energy bills, data to review their energy usage, and a saving on their spending. 

With our experience working with UK businesses and supplying business energy to a wide range of businesses, we are well equipped to deal with a vast array of customer requirements. This includes increasing your capacity or helping you with Meter Operator Agreements. At D-ENERGi, all our energy business customers get their own dedicated account manager. They are able to help you with any requirements or queries and to ensure we exceed your service expectations.

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