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22 Jan

Help! I Need Cheaper Business Energy Prices

by Simon Thompson

With the prospect of energy prices in the UK increasing over the short-term, there will be growing numbers of firms looking for cheaper business energy prices as a matter of urgency.

However, these firms and organisations will need to check their current supplier’s contract to ensure they can switch without having to face a hefty administration charge for switching to a new supplier outside of the ‘window’.

All firms should really investigate what the current market rates for their supplies of business gas and electricity are to ensure they are not paying more than they need to. This exercise could save substantial amounts of money every year.

Switching to a new business energy supplier

There is no doubt that by switching to a new business energy supplier is a quick and easy way to enjoy lower prices for your energy supply. The big bonus for lowering prices is that your overheads will also fall and profitability will be boosted.

This in itself should be an incentive for switching and the experts at the Business Utility Hub will find the latest deals and offers and also take care of the switchover process as well.

Alternatively, you can find a new business energy supplier by contacting a supplier directly to see what they will charge or use a comparison website.

The downside to using a website is that they may not have access to all of the latest deals and offers and, indeed, may not even be searching the entire market of suppliers. This means you may well be missing out on better deals.

The UK’s business energy supply market

Also, the UK’s business energy supply market is a competitive one and there is a lot of competition between suppliers to get new customers.

So, while it sounds easy to find a new supplier it’s important that your business gets a deal that best meets your needs.

Also, for those who are looking to reduce costs over the long term, some suppliers will also offer fixed deals for one, two and even up to five years in some cases so it’s easy to predict cash flow.

For many, that will be of huge help but you may that your business should be checked every year to ensure it is the best deal possible.


There’s a lot to recommend carrying out the research to find cheaper business energy prices but it’s not just about cheap prices; there are also other services which may help a firm lower their energy use so their bills fall even further and for more information on this, speak with the D-Energi team.