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19 Jul

Has P272 Had An Impact On Your Business?

by Simon Thompson

Should a business owner be asked whether P272 has had an impact on their business and they are not sure of the answer, then they should really find out.

Essentially, P272 is the name given to the change of energy billing process and affected businesses must now use automated meters.

These meters will supply data to the energy supplier every half-hour, they are also known as HH meters, so the bills will be more accurate.

More importantly, there is no longer a need for estimated bills though not all firms are affected by the P272 legislation.

Important aspects about understanding the P272 change

One of the most important aspects about understanding the P272 change is that it enables businesses to better understand how they are using energy so they can introduce energy efficiencies or even use the data to find a cheaper energy supplier.

The important point to remember is that only firms and organisations who have electric meters in the profile class 05 to 08 have been affected (This will be displayed on the meter itself or the firm’s bill); smaller firms will still be working with their usual meters.

However, energy suppliers should now have updated and replaced meters for those who need them and, if not, the firm needs to speak with their supplier urgently.

The changeover to the new meters began in April 2017 and while firms can utilise software to see when and where they are using their energy, it’s also possible to use the information to find a cheaper energy deal.

Speaking with P272 experts

This will mean speaking with P272 experts such as those at D-Energi who can explain more about what the legislation means and how their businesses can save money by switching energy suppliers.

For those firms who have the new meters, they will also need to appreciate whether they have agreed to a maximum import capacity (MIC) with their distribution network operator (DNO).

The P272 legislation delivers greater protection to business customers and there’s a need for suppliers to not charge their customers for standard capacity charges in excess of their needs.

The new meters will help protect them should their supplier set the MIC at a level that is too low for their needs – which essentially means the firm will be paying more than they should be doing for their energy.


For more help and advice about whether P272 has had an impact on your business, contact the D-Energi team.