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30 Sep

Half Hourly Electricity Suppliers: A Guide For Businesses

by Simon Thompson

If you and your business are in the hunt for cheap half hourly electricity suppliers, then this article will help.

Firstly, you may not appreciate what a half-hourly meter is, but it’s a way for firms and organisations to get more accurate electricity bills – which means enjoying the best electricity prices.

Indeed, larger businesses will have unique energy needs, for example, they may be using heavy equipment and using significantly more electricity for these purposes.

This means that it’s important as an energy-intensive business to have accurate metering of their power usage so their consumption is sent every 30 minutes to their supplier – it is known as ‘P272’ legislation.

This is done by using half-hourly electricity meters, which are also known as HH meters and also 00 meters since this is the number indicated on the front of the meter.

Access cheaper half hourly electricity prices

Also, having half-hour electricity meters installed means a firm can access cheaper half hourly electricity prices.

These prices are not accessible to small and medium-sized firms and the data produced by the meters can be used by a potential supplier to offer a bespoke quote.

One reason for this is that the meter records in real-time when and how your business is using electricity and a supplier can tailor their offering to meet this need, and also offer recommendations for reducing consumption.

These recommendations may come via an energy consultancy that will help reduce consumption levels to deliver even greater savings for your firm.

All big users of electricity will have these HH meters installed and if you’ve just moved into new premises, then you need to check whether you have them to access the cheaper rates.

Cheap half hourly electricity deal

The other consideration when accessing cheap half hourly electricity deals is to appreciate the factors that affect the prices being quoted.

These deals will be different from the electricity bills we get for our homes and will vary between suppliers.

Also, the procurement process for half-hour electricity is different than for other tariffs, so it’s always wise accessing the expertise of the D-Energi team who can source and explain the cheaper and better deals to you.

Among the factors to consider will be the fluctuation of wholesale electricity prices, the contract terms as well as the location of your business.

If you need more help and advice to source cheap half hourly electricity suppliers and reduce your overheads by a substantial amount, then you need to contact D-Energi today.