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17 Sep

Get Quotes for Business Gas Prices Per kWh

by Simon Thompson

One great way to reduce overheads is to spend less, which may mean getting quotes for business gas prices per kWh.

While the wholesale cost of business gas has risen in recent times, it’s still possible to enjoy low prices by shopping around.

Also, for those firms who can commit to a longer contract, for example, two, three or even five years, they may be able to access even cheaper prices.

It’s also important that you don’t restrict your search for new suppliers to the ‘Big Six’ providers because their offerings may be very similar and you may be put off from switching.

Understanding business electricity prices per kWh

The search for a new business gas provider also extends to understanding business electricity prices per kWh when switching to a new electricity supplier.

Again, it’s important to shop around to find out what suppliers may be offering per kWh and to compare the offerings between each of them.

However, gas and electricity providers also have a standing charge, which is an amount levied every day and will increase as your energy usage increases.

This money helps to pay for the National Grid but it’s also a tool for the supplier to offer a low rate per kWh unit, but offer a higher standing charge, so your business will effectively make no savings.

Compare business electricity prices per kWh

Paying attention to these charges is important when you compare business electricity prices per kWh to ensure you access the deal that is right for you.

Indeed, a new supplier must offer a bespoke deal that will meet your needs and while you could use an online comparison site, you need to be aware that the site may not be searching all suppliers and there may be better deals available.

Also, you could save even more by finding a business utility provider who is offering other benefits including a consultancy to help your business use less electricity and gas for you to enjoy long-term savings as a result.

As with gas, should your search for new electricity suppliers be restricted to the ‘Big Six’ firms, then it’s likely you will miss out on better deals and offers from other providers. It’s also important to appreciate that the market is still monitored by Ofgem to ensure suppliers deliver what they offer.

If you want to know how to get quotes for business gas prices per kWh, and for electricity, to deliver real savings then you need to speak with the experts at D-Energi.