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31 May

Get A New Business Gas Supplier

by Simon Thompson

Most busy business owners will appreciate that they can save money on their gas bills if they get a new business gas supplier in place.

However, this means comparing various plans between gas providers and understanding how these deals are put together.

It can be a time-consuming undertaking but it’s one that is worth doing because there are substantial savings to be had potentially.

Along with understanding the difference between unit rates and standing charges, a business will also need to consider whether they want a fixed or flexible tariff and for how long they would like the tariff for; the longer the deal, the cheaper the prices tend to be.

Business gas rates will vary hugely between suppliers

One of the big issues is that business gas rates will vary hugely between suppliers and it’s not just the competition between them that affects the prices being quoted to your business.

A lot also depends on your business circumstances, including your geographic location, the industry you work in and how many employees you have.

The potential new gas supplier will also want to know whether you have plans for expansion in the pipeline so they can tailor their deal to your future needs.

Also, you may find that when you begin the search for a new provider that some energy firms will only supply a business of a certain size.

Switching business gas suppliers

When it comes to switching business gas suppliers, it’s important that a business owner, or the delegated employee, is as clued-up as they possibly can be.

It’s also important to appreciate that sourcing a business gas supply is not like finding a firm to supply gas to our homes.

You’ll also need some information to hand, particularly from the recent gas bills and you’ll need to know what your meter point number is so a potential supplier will know your exact address.

Other issues that may affect the price that you currently pay is the fact you may not have switched suppliers in recent years, so your current provider may have rolled you automatically onto a deemed rates contract which tends to be more expensive.

It’s this inactivity that leads to firms paying more than is necessary for their gas bill and in just a few minutes you can find better suppliers with other potential incentives such as an energy consultancy to help your firm reduce its gas consumption levels.

There are big savings to be made when you get a new business gas supplier and it’s helpful that the D-Energi team will help negotiate on your behalf to find a cheaper bill.