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3 Oct

Get a commercial electricity quote to boost profits

by Simon Thompson

Finding new energy suppliers is something that most businesses will consider but simply don’t have the time or resources to complete but finding a commercial electricity quote to boost profits is really straightforward.

There’s no need to spend hours on websites or make phone calls since there are organisations which understand how the business energy market works and has access to all business energy suppliers to deliver the very best prices and packages for their clients.

The friendly team at D-Energi, for instance, are one such organisation who appreciate that businesses want a good energy deal but don’t necessarily know how to go about finding it.


Best way to find better commercial electricity rates


The best way to find better commercial electricity rates is to have the firm’s recent energy bills to hand so a potential new supplier can see what the business is using and tailor their offering accordingly.

Some businesses may also be interested in sourcing renewable energy as their supplier and again these energy suppliers are offering competitive packages to new customers.

The main attraction for comparing energy deals and tariffs on a regular basis is to ensure the business gets the best deal possible for their usage and they should, in most cases, be able to save substantial amounts of money which will boost their bottom line.

It’s also easy to switch supplier once a business has found a package that they like and which suits their needs.


Shopping around for better electric prices


Indeed, Ofgem, the energy sector regulator, reckons that by shopping around for better electric prices a business could save around £300 every year on their energy bills.

Business owners should also appreciate that they can switch suppliers when their contract ends and not simply when they move into new premises – many suppliers will offer a package that covers the business’s various depots, outlets and offices.

The other big attraction when it comes to shopping around to find cheaper business energy quotes is that the business can go to their current supplier and ask them to beat or match the better offer; some energy suppliers may not be able to do this.

For any help and advice on how business can find a better commercial electricity quote, or indeed a business gas quote, to boost profitability then contact the helpful team at D-Energi and they will use their experience and expertise to deliver the best possible business energy package.