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28 Jun

Firms Should Compare Business Gas Prices Regularly

by Simon Thompson

There cannot be many firms or organisations with money to waste, particularly for their utility bills, which is why firms should compare business gas prices regularly.

However, many business owners are taken up with the day-to-day activities of running their business and will not have the time to spare to seek out new deals and prices for their gas supply.

This is where the expertise of a team such as the advisors at D-Energi will come to the fore since they can take on this responsibility to help deliver big cost savings.

While the savings will range between businesses and is dependent on their energy use, some firms may see savings of up to 70% on their current tariff.

D-Energi team can also help compare business electricity prices

On top of helping source cheaper business gas prices, the D-Energi team can also help compare business electricity prices too to find a deal that is not only suitable but will also save substantial amounts of money.

Let’s not forget that by reducing overheads, the firm is boosting their profitability.

It’s important that should firm use a third-party to find better energy deals that they are impartial and look at the entire gas and electricity supply market.

Indeed, businesses will also need to appreciate that commercial gas prices can change daily because the market is more volatile that that for the domestic gas energy supply.

Experts in knowing how to compare business energy prices

This means that the D-Energi team are experts in knowing how to compare business energy prices and plans and will know what the latest deals and offers a firm should be able to access to deliver impressive cost savings as a result.

The ability to make big savings, regardless of how small or large the business is, should be the incentive they need to explore the potentially cheaper tariffs and plans that are available.

This last point also underlines why firms should be wary of business energy price comparison websites since these may not be searching the entire market and they will need to speak to a prospective supplier for a bespoke deal.

This process should be carried out whenever the firm’s energy deal is up for renewal so the business can be reassured that they have the best possible tariff that best meets their needs.


Indeed, all firms should compare business gas and electricity prices on a regular basis to appreciate that they are not paying more than they need to for their energy needs and boost profitability as a result.