The Energy Bill Relief Scheme

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure our prospective and existing customers and clarify the following on the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS):

  • The Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) applies to fixed contracts agreed on or after 1st December 2021 as well as to deemed, variable and flexible tariffs and contracts. It will apply to energy usage from 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023, running for an initial six-month period for all non domestic energy users..
  • All energy suppliers will apply the same discount. This discount will automatically appear on your statements. Customers do not need to apply for the scheme or contact us.
  • The BEIS department recommends all customers continue to enter into fixed price agreements as normal to shield businesses from future wholesale price increases. This way we can ensure all our customers are protected from the volatility in the current wholesale market.
  • For customers who qualify for the Energy Bill Relief Scheme we kindly ask all qualifying customers to provide us with monthly gas and / or electricity meter reads until end of the scheme. This should be done ideally on the first day of the month or no later than the 10th.This will be a great help to get your bills as accurate as possible and ensure we apply the right discount throughout the scheme period.

For the latest information on the Energy Bill Scheme please visit www.gov.uk/guidance click here

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12 Apr

Firms Can Switch Energy Suppliers and Save


As a business owner, did you know you could switch energy suppliers and save money on your overheads?

For most firms who do switch, the answer is, undoubtedly, yes as they go on to make big savings.

Sadly, not all of them will switch their energy supplier and many will remain with their current supplier regardless of the extra costs and lack of customer service.

The government is keen to encourage competition in the business energy supply marketplace and the switchover process is easy to undertake.

Also, some firms may be worried that there will be a loss of energy supply during the switchover process but this will not happen.

So, for a firm looking for a cheaper and better energy supplier, it’s time to look at their contract.

Negotiating to energy switch with another supplier

This will tell them when their fixed term contract will come to an end which means they can begin negotiating to energy switch with another supplier to save money and boost profitability.

The number of firms they can speak with has grown hugely in recent years thanks to growing competition.

Indeed, it is this competition in the marketplace that is helping to bring prices down for most firms to enjoy.

Firm should also appreciate that while many of the suppliers will be an unknown quantity to them, they are all professional and will be offering better customer service than some of the better-known household names.

Some firms may be able to enjoy a flexible contract for their energy supply and can switch to a new supplier whenever they want to.

Most firms, however, will only be able to switch during a window of opportunity and if there is an outstanding bill to be paid, their current supplier may lodge an objection to the switch.

That’s understandable since they will want their bills to be paid before the firm can enjoy better contract rates.

The prospect of ever-increasing energy prices

Also, faced with the prospect of ever increasing energy prices it is also possible for a firm to switch business suppliers and fix a contract for more than one year.

This means they will effectively mitigate against any potential energy price increases and predict with some certainty what their energy bills will be over the coming two or three years.

This knowledge also helps with cash flow and they will be able to plan more effectively knowing what their outgoings will be.

Essentially, the business will be taking control of their energy bill and supply and the process itself has never been easier.

While a firm can visit the many business energy price comparison websites, they may not appreciate the difference in prices being offered.

That’s because these price comparison websites may not be looking at the entire energy market and will instead have a restricted number of firms they will be quoting.

A bespoke tariff that is suited to the business’s needs

In addition, finding like-for-like quotes is not so easy since the firm will offer a bespoke tariff that is suited to the business’s needs.

However, the one good thing these price comparison websites do offer is an understanding of marketplace prices so the business can use this information when negotiating with a potential new business energy supplier.

Alternatively, they can speak with an energy specialist who will understand how the business energy market works and how to access the best deals and tariffs that best meet the business’s own needs.

The firm should also be looking for better levels of customer service, particularly with those business energy suppliers that will undertake an audit of their business energy needs.

Once a firm’s business energy supply contract comes up for renewal it is crucial that they do not simply accept the new prices being offered.

That’s because they are probably going to be much higher than other suppliers will be offering.

Firms and organisations to save money on their overheads

This is a great opportunity for firms and organisations to save money on their overheads and improve profitability as well.

It’s also an added incentive that they will be working with a business energy supplier who is keen to help them save further money by reducing their energy consumption.

This means switching business energy suppliers becomes a ‘win-win’ situation and all firms should contemplate doing so every year.

Also, for those firms who have smart meters fitted, known as half hourly meters, they may be able to access the data and find out when their peak energy usage is and potentially move demand to lower price tariffs.

A new business energy supplier can also use this data and tailor their offering that will help deliver even more savings and show a firm how to reduce consumption still further.

There’s a lot to be said for switching business energy suppliers and it’s not just about saving money, though that’s the biggest reason, it’s also about enjoying better customer service and improved energy efficiencies.


While the subject of how to switch energy suppliers may be confusing and time-consuming for many firms, they could contact the team at D-Energi who understands the market and will have access to the latest tariffs and deals that will best meet the firm’s needs.