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7 Jun

Finding the Best Commercial Energy Prices

by Simon Thompson

Every firm and organisation in the UK will be looking at their overheads on a regular basis and it makes sense that they should be looking to find the best commercial energy prices to help the lower running costs.

The first step is to undertake a search of the potential deals and tariffs by visiting energy suppliers’ websites and also online price comparison websites.

While this is a time-consuming process it will help the firm understand how the energy market works and what the current prices are.

For those firms who’ve never switched suppliers then they have probably been rolled over onto a deemed contract so they will be paying more than they need to for their energy needs.

This means that by simply switching energy suppliers they could substantially reduce their energy bills.

Finding a commercial energy quote

Finding a commercial energy quote is a straightforward process and the online comparison websites will give a fair indication of what the market rates are.

However, the prices being displayed are unlikely to be the price the firm or organisation enjoys since the energy deal will need to be a bespoke offering and all comparison websites will do this.

In addition, the firm also needs to be wary about using online comparison websites because they may not be searching the entire market to find the best commercial energy quote or indeed all of the potential suppliers.

In addition to the ‘big six’ suppliers, the commercial energy market has grown in recent years and there is a wide variety of offerings now available stretching from small suppliers to those who offer firms 100% renewable energy supply.

Quote for commercial energy prices

So, once the firm has a quote for commercial energy prices from a potential supplier, the switchover process is straightforward and there will be no interruption to energy supply to the premises.

However, the second and easiest way of finding a better energy deal for a firm or organisation is to speak with experts in the field who will know what the latest deals are to deliver a supplier who will best meet the organisation’s needs.

This will mean speaking with the team at D-Energi about what a firm is looking for and they will strive to meet their ambition in lowering bills and seeing an improvement in, for instance, things like customer service and other potential offerings.

Among these will be the option of an energy audit from a potential new energy supplier so that the firm not only enjoys lower bills but also takes steps to lower their energy consumption so that their savings are greater and have more of an impact over the long-term.


For those firms and organisations that are interested in finding the best commercial energy prices without having to spend hours visiting websites and comparison sites, then speak with the helpful team at D-Energi for more information.