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24 May

Finding Commercial Electricity Rates That Will Impress

by Simon Thompson

It’s one thing finding cheap electricity prices but it is something else completely different to find commercial electricity rates that suit the business’s need.

There are a growing number of electricity suppliers to choose from and firms will need to shop around to ensure they get the best deals and tariffs.

While a firm can visit various websites and the suppliers themselves, they will need to appreciate that the price being quoted on their website may be rather different to the one quoted when they contact the supplier.

The main reason for this is that the supplier will need to tailor their quote to meet the business’s need rather than offering a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Looking for a commercial electricity quote from a supplier

This also means that when looking for a commercial electricity quote from a supplier, the firm should be wary and ensure that the tariff being offered meets their current and future requirements.

Obviously, the price plans for business electricity and gas will vary depending on the suppliers and the schemes available will also vary.

Also, firms will find it more difficult to find a dual fuel deal which is the bundling of gas and electricity since most suppliers will not offer this and will offer each fuel separately.

This brings into question the time a firm can spend looking for separate gas and electric suppliers.

Finding the best electric prices for a business

However, there is a straightforward and time efficient way of finding the best electric prices for a business and that is to contact those who understand how the market works and can find a deal that suits a firm’s needs.

The team at D-Energi will appreciate, for instance, the difference between the need for a one-man Internet start-up and the business needs of a retailer with several outlets.

In addition, the team can also help with the switchover process which is a seamless transition between suppliers and there’s no loss of supply during the handover.

However, a firm can only switch electricity and gas suppliers within a window before their contract comes to an end and they will be unable to break their contract mid-term and their current supplier may lodge an objection for switching but only if the firm owes money on an outstanding bill.


For help and advice about finding commercial electricity rates as well as gas prices, speak with the advisers at the D-Energi who will explain more.