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31 May

Finding Cheap Business Energy Providers to Lower Bills

by Simon Thompson

One way for businesses to lower their overheads is to source a cheap business energy supplier and enjoy the savings this switch will bring.

The move to a new supplier should see businesses, particularly small ones, reducing their costs substantially; depending on the firm’s size this could be several hundred or even several thousands of pounds.

While many of us will have switched energy suppliers for our homes, the system for businesses is rather different.

For one thing, businesses cannot access a dual fuel deal where their gas and electricity are supplied by one supplier and they can only switch suppliers when their current contract is due for renewal.

However, another big downside to finding a new energy supplier is the time involved in researching the market and then negotiating with the supplier directly.

The savings can be substantial for cheap business electricity supply

This is despite the fact the savings can be substantial for cheap business electricity supply and may still be problematic for busy business owners to allocate time and resources for doing so.

We will come to the expertise offered at D-Energi to overcome this problem but for those firms who want to do this work themselves then they can compare energy prices quickly and effectively.

There are a number of online comparison websites which will help the firm source a new supplier with a range of tariffs and deals.

However, the online comparison website may not be looking at the whole energy supply market and the prices offered will probably not be the ones enjoyed by the firm should they sign up.

That’s because energy suppliers will need to offer a bespoke deal to meet the business’s needs rather than having a set price for firms to access.

Cheap business gas deal from a new supplier

This obviously means that firms will need to spend time contacting and speaking with a potential supplier and haggling for a better deal even for a cheap business gas deal from a new supplier.

For many business owners, this will not be a problem but for others, the prospect of negotiating energy prices may be too intimidating.

As an incentive, one energy provider says a London-based client was due to see their bills increase to £3,500 a year, a £400 increase, but by contacting a new supplier this was reduced to £2,800.


That’s an impressive financial incentive for businesses of all shapes and sizes and the helpful team at D-Energi will be able to offer expertise in finding cheap business energy providers for organisations and firms to lower their overheads and bills.