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13 Oct

Finding the best cheap business energy deal

by Simon Thompson

All firms and organisations will be looking at their running costs on a regular basis which means there will be a need to research any potential savings which also means finding the best cheap business energy deal available.

By opting to switch to a business energy supplier who is charging less for energy means that the firm’s overheads will fall and the profits will rise. That’s a very attractive incentive for a business to take a keen interest in their firm’s energy deal.

Finding potential suppliers is easy and straightforward since the Internet will provide all of the relevant information and the potential suppliers available.

However, the Internet search will not reveal the best deals available on the day and which supplier will be best suited to the business’s needs and growing demands.

Find the best cheap business electricity and gas deals

Indeed, to find the best cheap business electricity and gas deals means having to look at the whole market and compare all energy suppliers by comparing their offering with what the business actually uses.

Alternatively, the easiest and straightforward way of conducting this exercise is to contact the experienced team at D-Energi and ask them for their advice and help.

It’s also important to appreciate that the business will not suffer from any business energy supply interruption during the switching process.

There are many reasons why a business or organisation may never switch to a cheaper business energy deal before; they may never have considered it or they may believe the process is too involved and complicated.

Finding a new supplier for cheap business gas

Under new regulations from the market regulator Ofgem the process for finding a new supplier for cheap business gas and electricity is not only straightforward and easy but the firm’s current energy supplier also has to be helpful and informative.

To this end, a current energy supplier must inform their customers around 60 days before their contract ends what their new energy deal is going to be and, more importantly, how that new deal compares with those being offered by their rivals.

This information alone should be enough for a business to be prompted into sourcing a new cheap business energy deal particularly if the prices being offered by rivals are substantially lower. That’s a big chunk of money being saved from overheads that could go towards the bottom line instead.

For more help and advice for any organisation looking for a better cheap business energy deal then contact the team at D-Energi.