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8 Sep

Find The Best Commercial Energy Prices for Your Firm

by Simon Thompson

Are you looking to find the best commercial energy prices for your firm and boost profitability as a result?

If so, then the team of experts at D-Energi will be able to help.

However, you may be one of the 40% of firms, according to the Competition and Markets Authority, that have not switched energy suppliers in the last five years and are probably paying more than you need to for your firm’s energy needs.

The switchover process to a new energy supplier is seamless and the potential savings can be impressive.

Search for a cheaper commercial energy quote

Indeed, once you begin the search for a cheaper commercial energy quote, you will find what the current market rates are and what the potential savings will be; even a one-man band will be able to save hundreds of pounds every year.

On top of this, if your firm is a large user of energy, then your savings will be much more and could stretch into thousands of pounds every year.

However, should you be looking for a cheaper energy supplier you will soon appreciate that it is difficult to source a like-for-like quote since suppliers will want to offer a bespoke offering to help meet your firm’s energy needs.

This is also apparent should you be using online comparison websites for business energy prices and the other drawback is that the sites tend not to search the entire market so you will not be able to enjoy the best prices and deals.

You will be able to access these best energy prices and deals for your firm should you contact D-Energi.

Sourcing a cheap commercial energy supplier

There’s no doubt that by sourcing a cheap commercial energy supplier you will reduce overheads and boost profitability and this should be done every year as part of a firm’s best business practice. It’s a surprise why so many firms do not take the time to find a new supplier and save money.

Indeed, the process is straightforward and the switchover process is seamless and there’s no loss of energy during the switch to a new energy supplier.

If you are looking to undertake the research yourself it’s important to appreciate that a potential deal may offer low energy prices but the standing charge also needs to be examined; this is a potential area where a supplier may not be offering such a great deal after all.

It’s also possible to use the prices from an online comparison website as a benchmark to negotiate a better deal with your current business energy supplier.

However, not every business owner has the time or the inclination to speak with several potential business energy suppliers and would prefer to use a simpler process where they speak with one team of experts and only give their information to them.


This means speaking with the team at D-Energi who will be able to find the best commercial energy prices for your firm.