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20 Mar

Find the BEST Business Electricity Rates

by Simon Thompson

Since your firm will be relying on its energy supply, it makes sense that you should find the best business electricity rates currently available.

Whether you’re using energy to operate essential equipment or computers, you will be needing a business energy supplier who is not only offering reasonable tariffs but also a reliable service.

And by switching to a better energy deal for your business, you will be ensuring that you are not paying more than is necessary for your firm’s energy needs.

However, commercial energy contracts are set up differently to the ones we have for our homes, so the rates are not only different but there’s no dual fuel option either.

Business electricity tariffs will be created on a bespoke basis

It’s important to appreciate that business electricity tariffs will be created on a bespoke basis to meet your firm’s needs.

This means that the supplier will look closely at your annual consumption and what your firm’s needs are.

It’s also important to appreciate that no two businesses are alike, which helps explain why another firm in your industry may be paying different prices to you. That’s because:

  • The geographic location of your firm is important
  • How many staff you employ is also crucial
  • What your current and future needs are likely to be will have an influence
  • And whether you have plans to expand or even move premises.


These questions, and more, will help a supplier understand your firm’s needs more clearly and the industry you work in will also be important. However, don’t be alarmed should a supplier refuse to quote – it might be that they don’t supply energy to your area.

Search for a cheaper business electricity supplier

However, in the search for a cheaper business electricity supplier for meeting your needs, the team at D-Energi is available to help you through what can be a complicated process.

And it can be complicated if you contact suppliers directly or even try to compare business electricity suppliers online because you will still need to contact the provider to discuss your bespoke needs.

In addition, you need to be aware of whether the comparison site looking at small business electricity prices is checking the entire market or simply asking a panel of providers to offer a deal.

That’s not the case when you contact the team at D-Energi who can help you find the best business electricity rates for your current and future needs and do so quickly, so contact them today to find out more.