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30 Sep

How to find a supplier of renewable energy for business

by Simon Thompson

With growing demand from customers for better environmental standards in industry, there’s a need from firms to find a supplier of renewable energy for business.

Another reason for this trend is that large organisations are now expected to report their carbon use for stakeholders and customers alike which is why renewable electricity for business is in demand.

However, this is a complex market and for any organisation interested in switching to renewable energy supplies needs to understand how they can prove that the energy they use is sustainable.

This will mean utilising the expertise of a team that not only understands the energy market in the UK for businesses but can also deliver the very best tariffs for renewable energy bills that are available. That team is D-Energi.

We will find a renewable energy supplier

This means we will find a renewable energy supplier that will be able to prove where a firm’s renewable energy is sourced and what the carbon emissions have been for that supply.

This is a great boon for organisations who want to report having zero Scope 2 carbon emissions when they want to tell their stakeholders and customers of their sustainability efforts.

Other than installing renewable energy generators such as solar PV panels and a wind generator, most firms will need to choose a renewable electricity supply product that will meet their strategy when it comes to sustainability.

Among the options are natural sources such as those generated by sun, wind or water with the ability of having a certificate proving this.

There’s also the ability to have a mixture of renewable generating sources and again have a certificate – the attraction here is that the supplier will prove that the firm has used 100% renewable electricity.

Bespoke specific renewable energy product

Some firms may also be interested in a bespoke specific renewable energy product which enables them to choose their preferred source of renewable energy generation and again this will have proof of origin certificates.

Also, a firm can prove they can match the power they use with an equivalent amount of renewable energy being supplied into the National Grid by using Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates.

The certificates demonstrate the organisation’s renewable energy credentials and the supplier can also use cheap tariffs for the firm looking to switch energy suppliers to help reduce their energy costs and boost their sustainability reputation at the same time.

There’s more to supplying renewable energy then just meeting a need for proving sustainability and a firm’s green credentials since their efforts will help everyone on the planet by reducing CO2 emissions so for those organisations interested in developing the use of renewable energy for business then the helpful team at D-Energi can help.