The Energy Bill Relief Scheme

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure our prospective and existing customers and clarify the following on the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS):

  • The Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) applies to fixed contracts agreed on or after 1st December 2021 as well as to deemed, variable and flexible tariffs and contracts. It will apply to energy usage from 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023, running for an initial six-month period for all non domestic energy users..
  • All energy suppliers will apply the same discount. This discount will automatically appear on your statements. Customers do not need to apply for the scheme or contact us.
  • The BEIS department recommends all customers continue to enter into fixed price agreements as normal to shield businesses from future wholesale price increases. This way we can ensure all our customers are protected from the volatility in the current wholesale market.
  • For customers who qualify for the Energy Bill Relief Scheme we kindly ask all qualifying customers to provide us with monthly gas and / or electricity meter reads until end of the scheme. This should be done ideally on the first day of the month or no later than the 10th.This will be a great help to get your bills as accurate as possible and ensure we apply the right discount throughout the scheme period.

For the latest information on the Energy Bill Scheme please visit www.gov.uk/guidance click here

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29 Mar

Find A Commercial Energy Quote and Save Money


It is sound business practice for organisation to find a commercial energy quote and save money since this will lower overheads and boost their profitability.

It’s also a good idea to compare business electricity prices on a regular basis to see whether the organisation is paying more for their energy needs than they need to.

When it comes to finding a commercial energy quote then it doesn’t matter how large or small the organisation is, they will find tariffs and offerings that will suit.

It is worthwhile highlighting at this point that for many businesses, and surveys reveal it is around 40%, will not be looking to switch their energy supplier when the time for contract renewal arises.

This could be, potentially, an expensive mistake to make since the organisation will have a rollover contract where they will probably be paying more for their energy than they need to.

Finding a cheaper business energy quote is a straightforward process though the organisation needs to appreciate that they cannot get access to a dual fuel deal as they can for their home.

Find a bespoke commercial energy quote

This means they must contact business electricity and gas providers separately and find a bespoke commercial energy quote.

The quote needs to be bespoke because while there are comparison websites offering business energy rates, these are general and the supplier will need to know specific details before they make a firm offer.

So, when the firm has found energy prices they like they then must contact the energy supplier to confirm what price is actually on offer for them.

Before doing so, they will need to find relevant information which is found on a previous energy bill including their meter number, so the new supplier knows where they are.

The supplier will also need to know how much energy a firm is using and when they use it since there will be different tariffs for those firms who can move energy use to off-peak hours.

Another issue for those looking to switch energy suppliers is that while the ‘Big Six’ dominate the energy market, the market itself is changing and there are smaller, more effective energy suppliers entering the market.

This means that not only is competition improving, so is customer service and other business offerings as well.

For instance, some business energy suppliers will undertake an energy audit to ensure the business is not wasting energy and spending money heating rooms, for instance, that no one is using.

Another reason an organisation may be looking to switch their energy supplier may be for boosting their environmental credentials.

Sourcing a green business energy supplier

There’s no doubt that sourcing a green business energy supplier is growing in popularity and is an effective way for helping our planet.

Businesses wanting a green electricity supplier will be reassured that their energy is coming from renewable sources such as solar and wind power among them.

The other attraction for a comparison website is that it will give the business a fair idea of what the market rate for their demand will be.

As with all negotiations, this is a starting point for discussions and having the information means the firm can then contact energy suppliers to haggle for a better deal.

Along with the time-consuming exercise and the ability to negotiate, some firms, particularly small enterprises, may be wary about the switchover process itself.

It’s important to understand that there’s nothing to worry about and there will be no interruption to their power supply.

Indeed, the only change they will see is their energy bill prices.

Firm is happy with their commercial energy prices

Once a firm is happy with their commercial energy prices, the switchover process itself is a seamless transition between one supplier to another and there are experts in the field who can help find cheap tariffs and help with the switchover process as well.

However, before moving onto an easy way of finding and comparing potential business energy suppliers, it is worthwhile highlighting that there are reasons why a firm may not be able to switch suppliers.

The first one is their contract may not have come to an end and they cannot switch mid-term, or there may be an outstanding debt owing to a supplier who can then lodge an objection to prevent the switchover from happening.

It’s always worthwhile checking the energy contract first to see what the terms and conditions are to ensure that there is a window of opportunity to move supplier and enjoy lower bills.


As mentioned previously, there is an easy way to find the best commercial energy quote available by contacting experts who understand how the market works and who is offering the best deal for businesses so organisations should contact the expert team at D-Energi who have the expertise to deliver exactly what organisations, both small and large, are looking for.