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16 Nov

Find Commercial Energy Prices That Cut Your Costs

by Simon Thompson

One of the most important aspects of running a business or organisation is to ensure that overheads do not get out of hand and finding cheap commercial energy prices will help cut costs.

While this may appear to be a time-consuming exercise for a business to undertake, it is possible to save up to 20% on your current energy bills by simply switching suppliers.

This is particularly the case if you have never switched or haven’t switched in recent years because your current supplier will probably have moved you onto a deemed contract which tends to have much higher rates.

If this situation covers you and your business, then you are not alone because a government survey has highlighted that around 40% of firms in the UK have never switched energy suppliers and are probably paying more than they should be doing for their energy costs.

Source a commercial energy quote from providers

There’s no doubt that it’s much easier to source a commercial energy quote from providers today and you can contact suppliers directly or use an online comparison site.

Both will be wanting similar information from you, including where your business is located, how many people you employ and the type of industry you are in, so they can offer a bespoke deal.

It will also be a good idea to have recent bills to hand so a potential supplier can use your meter number to find your exact location.

Also, if you have half hourly meters installed, then a potential supplier can use the data generated by this meter to offer a great deal.

Source a new commercial energy quote every year

Some business owners may not source a new commercial energy quote every year because they may find it confusing or too time-consuming doing so.

However, with help from those who understand how the business energy supply market in the UK works, this situation is made much easier.

The team at D-Energi can discuss what your options are, explain the details of a potential contract and search the entire marketplace to find a new supplier which is something an online comparison site is probably not doing.

In addition, they can talk about other discounts being offered by providers and the potential of an energy consultancy to reduce your energy bills even further.

For more help and information about finding commercial energy prices that will cut your costs, then get in touch with the experts at D-Energi.