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6 Oct

How to find business energy suppliers

by Simon Thompson

While a simple search of the Internet may reveal a wide range of potential business energy suppliers, how does a business know which of them are the good ones?

Well, if they approach the helpful team at D-Energi then they will find an enthusiastic team member willing to help and offer advice on the best way to switch energy suppliers.

By finding a new business energy supply, an organisation will be better placed to save on their overheads and reduce their costs because switching suppliers can usually have a big difference on their bills.


Find business electricity suppliers


Essentially, businesses large and small should shop around regularly to find the best prices for their energy – or they may simply only want to find business electricity suppliers – and the firm’s current energy supplier of micro-business contracts must put the notice period and the end date of a fixed contract on their bills.

A small business can also tell their energy supplier that they are looking to switch suppliers when their deal ends and they could do this before the notice period but this is only for contracts that began on or after the 30th of April 2015.

In addition, that’s when the maximum amount of notice that a small business can give their supplier when terminating their contract was reduced from 90 to 30 days.

In addition, 60 days before the fixed term contract comes to an end, the energy supplier must tell their small business customers how much energy they have used every year and then give them details of how their current deal price compares with new prices.


Cheaper business gas suppliers


This is a big help in finding cheaper business gas suppliers as well as electricity suppliers.

However, not every organisation will fit into a small, or as Ofgem describes it, ‘micro’ organisation criteria which depends on the firm’s annual turnover, number of employees as well as their energy consumption levels.

The other issue that an organisation looking to find another business energy supply should be aware of is whether they are on what is called a ‘deemed contract’.

A business needs to be aware of whether they are on a deemed contract, and around 10% of small businesses are, because the prices they are paying are, on average, around 80% more than are being charged on new negotiated contracts.

For this reason alone, small businesses should shop around to find business energy suppliers willing to supply energy at a cheaper rate and on better contract terms and this is where the team at D-Energi can offer help and advice to find the best deals currently available for businesses.