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5 Jan

How to Find the Best Commercial Energy Quote

by Simon Thompson

Everyone in business knows money can be saved on their energy bills but how does a busy organisation find the best commercial energy quote?

The simple answer is to contact the experts at D-Energi who have the expertise and access to find the latest deals available for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs.

Among the reasons for using experts in the field is that the energy rates for businesses are changing every day so it can be a tricky process in finding the best electricity and gas tariffs that are available.

This means it can also be a time-consuming process and the business may decide it’s easier to remain on their contract with their current supplier but this could be a potentially expensive mistake to make.

Remain with their current commercial energy supplier

That’s because around 40% of small firms in the UK remain with their current commercial energy supplier when they could be saving substantial sums by switching suppliers for a better rate.

The process to switch suppliers is simple and there is no interruption to the energy supply to a business premises.

However, unlike finding a cheaper energy deal for our homes, the market is slightly different for businesses since the supplier will need more detailed information because the energy needs for a business are different and varied.

For instance, they may save money by switching when their peak demand occurs and move to a cheaper tariff.

Find better commercial energy prices for a multi-site business needs

It’s also possible to find better commercial energy prices for a multi-site business needs as well as green energy suppliers for those who want to do their bit for the environment.

The process to find and then switch from one business energy supplier to another is quick and simple and all it takes is one phone call for the process to begin.

The best time to contact an organisation that understands the business energy market is when the current business energy contract is about to expire.

Under new rules, the businesses energy supplier must tell their customer what the new tariff is going to be and a quick search of the market will reveal that there are probably cheaper and better deals available.

All the business needs to do is to have a recent energy bill to hand when they contact the experts at D-Energi because this will contain metering information and also their energy usage which will help deliver a better energy deal.

So, when it comes to finding the best commercial energy quote it’s important to appreciate that the process is simpler than it has ever been before and Ofgem, the energy watchdog, is keen that businesses shop around to find better deals and save money – the helpful team up D-Energi can give more help and advice about the process and of any potential savings too.