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9 Apr

Find A Commercial Energy Quote that Saves You Money

by Simon Thompson

All businesses will be needing energy for their every day needs but how do you find a commercial energy quote that will save your firm money?

The easy way is to speak with the experts at D-Energi who have access to the latest deals and offers that will best meet your needs.

Alternatively, you could contact commercial energy suppliers directly to see what prices they will quote for your needs.

The rates being offered will be determined by how much energy you are using and where you are located.

Access the best commercial energy prices

To access the best commercial energy prices when speaking with a provider or using an online comparison site, you should have some details to hand so the energy provider can offer a bespoke quote.

For example, this information will include:

  • Your most recent electricity or gas bill
  • The date when your current contract ends
  • Your firm’s registration details
  • Your MPRN or MPAN numbers, these are your meter numbers, will be helpful.


With this information, a new provider will know where your firm is and what your energy needs are and will create a bespoke offering that will meet your needs and, probably, be much cheaper than the prices you currently pay.

Switch commercial energy providers

But why should your firm or organisation take the time and trouble to switch commercial energy providers?

The main reason is to save money since your overheads could be reduced substantially while this is a big incentive there are other reasons as well.

It’s also possible that the new commercial energy provider will offer a consultancy service to help reduce the amount of energy you use so your savings could be greater over the long-term and you’ll be helping the environment.

The commercial energy supply market has become more competitive in recent years and firms should look at how to reduce their overheads every year – the best time to begin the search for a new utility provider is when your current supplier sends details of the next year’s contract.

Even if you don’t want to switch provider, the information you glean while researching could be used to negotiate a better deal with your current supplier.


If you want to find a commercial energy quote that will save your business money, then speak with the D-Energi team to see what they can do for you.