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9 Sep

Enjoying the Cheapest Business Electricity Rates UK

by Simon Thompson

For those firms wanting to enjoy the cheapest business electricity rates UK, then the process is straightforward and will boost profitability.

However, you will still need to choose the business electricity tariff that best meets your business needs and this can be a complicated process.

Before you begin, you should consider:

  • How much electricity your firm consumes
  • What rate you would like
  • Which electricity suppliers are available
  • The type of tariff you need.


You then need to contact various suppliers and compare quotes in order to find the best electricity deal, but this can be confusing and time-consuming and there may be some surprising variances in the deals being offered.

Cheapest business electricity prices

The cheapest business electricity prices will vary and you will need to shop around to find a tariff with prices that meets your needs.

The tariff shows what the energy supplier will charge for your electricity use and is based on:

  • The size of your business
  • Your monthly and annual spend on electricity
  • How your electricity is sourced, for example, green energy
  • How you manage your account either using paper bills or online.


Finding a tariff of electricity charges also means understanding some of the terminology being used and you may also need to consider other incentives that a supplier may offer including the opportunity of a dedicated account manager or even a consultancy to help your business reduce its electricity consumption to deliver bigger savings.

Cheapest business electricity supplier

The issue in finding the cheapest business electricity supplier is that their tariff will either be fixed or variable.

This means that under a fixed electricity tariff, the price will remain the same throughout the contract, whereas a variable tariff will see prices rise and fall during its duration.

While there are lots of electricity suppliers, finding one to meet your needs can be time-consuming so it makes sense to contact a friendly team of experts who can search the entire marketplace on your behalf to find an appealing tariff that will reduce overheads.

And while a business owner could contact suppliers directly or use a comparison site, both of these solutions will take time and in the case of the comparison platform, they may only have a restricted number of suppliers available.

You’ll still need to consider whether the tariff is suitable and then negotiate directly with the recommended supplier.

It will save time to contact the D-Energi team who can help you find the cheapest business electricity rates UK in just a few minutes and then deal with the switchover process.