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12 Jan

Enjoy Cheap Business Gas And Electric Now!

by Simon Thompson

One great way of reducing business overheads is to enjoy a cheap business gas and electric supply and this is easy to achieve.

The first step is to contact the D-Energi team who will be able to access the latest tariffs and offers from a potential new supplier; there are big savings that can potentially be made by all firms and organisations.

Indeed, the Competition and Markets Authority has revealed that around 40% of firms in the UK have never switched their energy supplier which means that they are, unfortunately, probably paying more than they should be doing for their business gas and electricity supply.

It doesn’t have to be this way and it’s a relatively straightforward process to find the market rate for what your firm’s needs will be and to carry out the switchover process to a new supplier.

Switch to a cheap business gas supplier

However, before you can switch to a cheap business gas supplier, and also electricity, you will need to wait until your energy contract is due for renewal since switching midterm can be an expensive process. Though, if you are switching to a new supplier whose savings far outweigh the cost of any administration charge then this should be considered.

One of the downsides of sticking with your current energy supplier is that you are probably paying over the odds for your energy supply since you will have been moved to a new contract automatically. It’s unlikely these prices are the best available from your supplier.

It also needs to be appreciated that firms of all shapes and sizes will be able to save money in most instances by simply switching their business gas and supply contract. The savings to be made will vary in their energy needs.

Contact business energy suppliers

Sometimes, we simply do not have the time to contact business energy suppliers directly to find a better deal or it may be that we do not understand the terms being used.

This is where the helpful D-Energi team may prove useful since they understand how the market works and can guide you through the business energy switching process. They can also take care of it on your behalf.

Essentially, if you are looking to compare and then switch your business energy supplier, you will need to speak to a potential new supplier and have a recent bill to hand which will have important information on it.

Alongside reducing business energy bills, the government and market regulator Ofgem want to encourage greater competition in the marketplace because this will help bring energy bills down.


If you would like to know how you can enjoy cheap business gas and electricity supply, then speak with the D-Energi team and let us explain how this is possible.