The Energy Bill Relief Scheme

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure our prospective and existing customers and clarify the following on the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS):

  • The Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) applies to fixed contracts agreed on or after 1st December 2021 as well as to deemed, variable and flexible tariffs and contracts. It will apply to energy usage from 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023, running for an initial six-month period for all non domestic energy users..
  • All energy suppliers will apply the same discount. This discount will automatically appear on your statements. Customers do not need to apply for the scheme or contact us.
  • The BEIS department recommends all customers continue to enter into fixed price agreements as normal to shield businesses from future wholesale price increases. This way we can ensure all our customers are protected from the volatility in the current wholesale market.
  • For customers who qualify for the Energy Bill Relief Scheme we kindly ask all qualifying customers to provide us with monthly gas and / or electricity meter reads until end of the scheme. This should be done ideally on the first day of the month or no later than the 10th.This will be a great help to get your bills as accurate as possible and ensure we apply the right discount throughout the scheme period.

For the latest information on the Energy Bill Scheme please visit www.gov.uk/guidance click here

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14 Apr

Enjoy Cheap Business Energy and Boost Profits


It’s a simple fact but true, firms could enjoy cheap business energy deals and boost profits as a result.

On top of this, they could undertake a business energy audit that could see them reducing consumption.

By using less energy, coupled with low energy bills, could have a startling impact on the firm’s profitability.

For instance, the Carbon Trust says that a firm reducing their energy costs by 20% could see a bottom line boost that is equal to a 5% increase in sales.

Despite this, not every firm is interested in energy efficiencies but a new business energy supplier may want to undertake an energy audit and point out where savings can be made.

The Carbon Trust points to everyday energy saving features including switching off PCs and monitors at night and at weekends which could reduce energy consumption substantially.

Switching off lights is also a big saving

Switching off lights is also a big saving and lowering the temperature – the business is paying around 8% more for every 1° C their offices are overheated.

Poorly maintained boilers can also cost around 30% of the firm’s heating bill.

These are simple measures that every business and organisation could undertake in order to reduce their bills and an energy audit will reveal more.

However, there’s no doubt that by finding a cheaper business energy deal, the firm will save substantial amounts of money.

The amounts to be saved will range by the size of business and their energy needs but a one-man band can, for instance, save hundreds of pounds every year, while a firm with several sites could save tens of thousands.

Access cheap business electricity tariffs

For those firms who’ve never switched before, then the process of understanding the market to access cheap business electricity tariffs can be confusing as well as time-consuming.

There is help at hand and firms could use a price comparison website to find which firms are offering better deals.

This is when understanding the business energy bill will be crucial and one survey revealed that 23% of firms do not check their bill’s accuracy because of time constraints.

More worryingly, 23% of the survey’s respondents said they trusted the bill to be accurate.

But firms are now using half-hourly meters so their bills will be more accurate but it still pays to double check to ensure the firm isn’t paying more than they need to for their energy needs.

In addition to using a price comparison website, a firm may be tempted to look at the unit charges but they should also consider the other costs as well.

This will include the standing charge from the energy supplier and these will vary between suppliers so what appears to be a cheap price per unit of energy becomes a very different situation when this standing charge is considered.

Also, the price comparison website will not give an indication of how dedicated the supplier will be to helping their customers reduce energy consumption or even how good their customer services are.

Firms will be looking for cheap business gas deals

Most firms will be looking for cheap business gas deals and value for money electricity tariffs and by working with their supplier will help them bring in useful energy efficiencies that will lead to a fruitful relationship.

There’s also an issue of which type of contract to choose, while many will have fixed rates, some suppliers will offer a flexible contract.

One of the attractions for a fixed rate contract is some suppliers will offer them for up to five years.

Many firms will find this prospect attractive since they will enjoy price security over the long-term for their energy costs and this will help them to fix their budgets with some certainty.

Find lower prices and better energy suppliers

However, it’s down to the business to make the effort to find lower prices and better energy suppliers.

The business will also need to understand how their bill is put together and whether they are allowed to switch suppliers so will need to understand when their current contract comes to an end.

While many business owners will be too time poor to undertake this sort of analysis and understand what their energy needs are, this will be time well spent in the long term.

Accessing better energy deals will bring about efficiencies that benefit everyone as well as the business, particularly those looking to boost their environmental credentials.


For those organisations that are looking to enjoy cheap business energy deals to help boost profits, the team at D-Energi will be able to find within minutes a deal that will impress and then help with the switchover process for a seamless transition between suppliers.