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D-ENERGi is a real alternative to the big six energy suppliers.

Incorporated in 2002 we have become one of the longest established and well respected UK independent businesses energy suppliers.


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2 Feb

Energy Letters Of Authority



We have seen a recent increase of our prospective customers signing letters of authority known from within the industry as LOA’s. Letters of authority enable third parties such as energy brokers and consultants to collect data so a gas or electricity quote  can be offered. However we have seen an increasing number of brokers and consultants not only offering gas and electricity quotes,  but will go as far as to change your supply to another provider  without any further consultation and not informing the end user of any prices. We strongly advise customers to thorughly check the content of any Letter Of Authority which is signed. This document is important because under the Data Protection Act you have a right to confidentiality. Be careful that Letters of authority do not mention “the right to change supply” as this could lead to higher bills with out the end user being aware.