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8 Mar

Effective Business Energy Comparison for SMEs

by Simon Thompson

Whether you run a start-up or a small firm, you’ll need to appreciate how an effective business energy comparison for SMEs can help to reduce overheads and boost profitability.

Whether you need electricity for powering equipment or the lights, most organisations will need a good electricity deal.

This also extends to sourcing a quality gas deal for your firm’s needs and though it may be a smaller bill, there are potentially big savings to be made.

However, the energy procurement process can appear to be complex but you still need your energy needs to be affordable without having to fork out on massive gas and electricity bills.

Business electricity comparison exercise

Along with sourcing quotes from traditional electricity suppliers, growing numbers of firms today are looking at their carbon footprint and may be tempted to undertake a business electricity comparison exercise between green providers.

Essentially, accessing a greener, cleaner energy deal not only improves your environmental credentials but you will be supporting energy providers who are dedicated to providing green energy.

The other issue to bear in mind, particularly for start-ups, is the question of scalability when it comes to energy contracts.

For many reasons, small businesses may not remain small forever, so you need to sign up with an energy provider that can keep up with your firm’s growth – a big issue if you have fast expansion plans to kick in soon after your firm launches.

Also, you may need to find an energy provider that can supply a business with a higher energy demand at various times in the year when you strive to meet orders or provide a service – and the supplier should keep their bills low during these peak periods of demand.

Undertake a business gas comparison

The main aim for those looking to undertake a business gas comparison, as well as electricity, is the issue of flexibility.

The energy supply market is variable and prices fluctuate on a daily basis in the wholesale market.

While you could sign up to cheaper rates for a contract of two or three years, it may be worthwhile opting for a one-year contract and then searching the marketplace for a cheaper deal on an annual basis.

If you would like more information about how to undertake an effective business energy comparison between providers for meeting the needs of SMEs and start-ups, then you need to talk to the experts at D-Energi who have the expertise to explain this and search the market for a cheap deal.