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Incorporated in 2002 we have become one of the longest established and well respected UK independent businesses energy suppliers.


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2 Feb

D-ENERGi offer fixed long term agreements.

by denergi admin


There has been much talk in the media this month about the rising cost of energy prices. Consumers have in recent weeks been hit by price rises of up to 11.1 per cent.

A number of the “Big Six” energy firms, representatives from which will on   Tuesday give evidence to MPs on the Commons Energy and Climate Change   Committee, have claimed that the increases are because of rising wholesale   prices.

D-ENERGi are offering marketing leading fixed price terms for businesses users only. D-ENERGi can offer 36 month fixed price plans. This will enable any business to fix your operational cost and buget way into the future, protecting your business from any further increases. If you would like to know more about our fixed price products please call our pricing team on 0800 781 7626. Please note this applies to business users of electricity and gas only and not domestic household customers.