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2 Feb

D-ENERGi helps care home save 14k annually off their fuel bills by successfully installing a cutting edge biomass solution to enhance energy efficiencies.

by denergi admin


biomass-solution-300x197 D-ENERGi have undertaken a project that will help a Sussex care home increase its energy efficiency to the tune of a £14,162.39 per year saving on its oil bills. The project was fully funded by the Government’s RHI scheme in conjunction with Siemens Finance at no cost to the customer.

Home to 54 elderly residents, Rowfant Residential Home in West Sussex relied on a 35 year-old oil burner to provide heating to its 21 bedrooms and various common rooms, via a total of 79 radiators.

D-ENERGi undertook an in-depth survey of the home’s existing heating and hot water system to appraise how best consumption and, in turn, fuel bills could be reduced. Findings showed that, due to lack of room-by-room control, many areas were being heated whilst unoccupied and also that temperature throughout the property was controlled by just one thermostat.

With no account taken of differing atmospheric conditions in different rooms, particularly the heating effect of sunlight in those facing south, some areas of the property were cold whilst others were prone to overheating. The old boiler plant was found to be running at maximum 70% efficiency and annual oil bills topped £31k, with an estimated 30% going to waste.

D-ENERGi proposed a solution to install a 184kw Biomass boiler, fuelled by wood pellets at a cost of 3.9p per kWh, which would not only boost efficiency but allow the project to be fully funded by the Carbon Trust and take advantage of the Government’s renewable heat incentive (RHI).

Alongside surveying, specifying and carrying out the installation of the new system D-ENERGi also helped secure funding. The installation was certified and it was arranged for RHI rebates to be paid directly to the care home. A Carbon Trust loan was arranged to fund the installation with repayments being met from the RHI subsidy.


Emma Blainey, Renewable specialist of D-ENERGi explained: “It’s vital that temperature is maintained at a comfortable level, particularly in environments where the inhabitants are elderly, so the variations in temperature throughout the care home had practical as well as financial implications.”

She added: “The new Biomass boiler is set to reduce energy costs by 50%, while the installation of room-by-room controls will save the care home an additional 20% on energy bills, and also provide a greater level of comfort for residents. The combination of the Carbon Trust loan and funding from the Government’s RHI were key to this project and can help businesses not only save on bills but significantly reduce their carbon footprint without having to make a huge capital investment.”