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14 Feb

Could Your Business Switch Energy Suppliers and Save?

by Simon Thompson

If you think your business could switch energy suppliers and save then it’s time to put the D-Energi team to the test.

That is because D-Energi has access to all of the latest deals and offers and will be able to deliver a bespoke deal that meets your needs and will probably be much cheaper than your current provider.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that, according to the government, around 40% of all firms and organisations have never bothered to switch their business energy suppliers.

That’s a startling statistic considering that there are hefty savings to be made when switching energy suppliers and the process for switching is seamless and there’s no loss of supply when you decide to use a new energy supplier.

Undertaking an energy switch between suppliers

Indeed, undertaking an energy switch between suppliers is a stress-free experience that should lead to much lower energy bills and a boost to profitability.

There’s also the incentive of finding a supplier who may offer other attractive services such as a consultancy to help your firm use less energy so you will enjoy lower energy bills as well.

If your firm has never switched energy supplier previously, then it’s likely you have been rolled over automatically onto a ‘deemed’ contract so the rates you are paying for your energy will probably be much higher than a new customer will be paying.

Finding a new business energy supplier and accepting a bespoke deal will take just a few minutes when dealing with D-Energi.

Search the marketplace for a new energy supplier

It’s also possible to search the marketplace for a new energy supplier by using an online comparison website. These will give a good indication of what savings can be made and they can be substantial.

However, the website may not be searching the whole of the business energy supply market so there may be a supplier who might better meet your firm’s needs with an all-round offering that is not only cheaper but more suitable.

Alternatively, as a business owner, you could spend time contacting suppliers directly to find out what they are offering even though this is a time-consuming task and it may also be burdensome since there may be a lot of information to take on board.


As mentioned previously, perhaps the best way for any firm or organisation considering whether they should switch energy suppliers is to speak with the helpful D-Energi team as soon as possible.