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27 Jun

Could You Save When You Undertake An Energy Switch?

by Simon Thompson

The simple answer to the question of whether ‘Could you save when you undertake an energy switch?’ is most definitely ‘Yes’.

That certainly is the case if your business has never switched suppliers or at least has not done so for several years.

You won’t be alone in this and you may simply have been too busy running your business to undertake a comparison between providers to find a cheaper supplier to help reduce your overheads.

According to the government survey, around 40% of firms in the UK haven’t switched energy providers in recent years so they are probably paying more than is necessary for their energy needs.

Switch energy suppliers

That’s a shame when there are big savings to be made when you switch energy suppliers; even a one-man band can save hundreds of pounds every year.

This obviously means that larger concerns and those firms with more than one premises could save even more and have one bill sent to them for all of their energy usages.

While you could use an online comparison site to find cheaper energy prices or contact potential suppliers directly, it’s important that you speak with experts who understand how the business energy supply market works.

This will mean contacting the friendly team at D-Energi who will be able to find an offer that will meet your firm’s needs and save you money. The switchover process is also straightforward and there’s no loss of energy supply.

Just to highlight, if you’ve never bothered switching energy suppliers before then you’ve probably been rolled over onto a ‘deemed’ contract so might be paying more than a new customer will be for your energy bills.

Find levels of customer service

Also, you may have had a poor experience with your current provider and are looking to find better levels of customer service with a new supplier.

There are potentially big savings to be made and a lot depends on how much energy you use, where you are located and the industry you operate in.

In addition, you could sign up for a long-term energy contract to enjoy bigger savings if you believe energy prices will rise and this will help those firms who want to control their cash flow for the next few years.


All firms should be encouraged to switch energy suppliers on a regular basis and if you still need convincing or if you simply want to find out what the savings could be, then contact the D-Energi team to find out more.