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5 Oct

Compare Cheap Business Gas and Electric Deals

by Simon Thompson

It’s a relatively simple exercise to compare cheap business gas and electric deals between providers, but not every firm or organisation will do so.

Unfortunately, one survey conducted by the government has revealed that 40% of firms have never switched energy providers.

This lack of action means they are likely to be paying more than is necessary for their energy bills when a few minutes speaking with the D-Energi team could lead to substantial savings from a new provider.

It’s also important to understand there is no loss of supply when you decide to switch providers and the market while being deregulated, is still controlled by Ofgem to ensure providers deliver what they offer.

Finding a cheap business gas supplier

Along with finding a cheap business gas supplier, there is also strong competition among electricity suppliers but you will need to widen your search beyond the ‘Big Six’ providers.

That’s because they will probably have similar deals and offers so you may believe there are no big savings to be made.

That could be a costly assumption since there are newer, more competitive rivals in the marketplace keen to deliver cheap prices.

And while these prices will fluctuate on a regular basis, a lot depends on the size of your business and how much energy you use, its location and where you are located, the great deals are there to be found.

The best time to carry out this search is when your current provider tells you what the contract rates will be for the following.

Compare business energy per kWh deals

It’s this fluctuating of prices that may that you need to compare business energy per kWh (kilowatt hour) deals between providers to really appreciate the savings you will enjoy.

The one issue to consider when doing so is that a new provider may offer a great kWh price but increase their standing charges, which means you will not be making any savings.

Even worse, without appreciating the difference between standing charges and the price per kWh you could even end up paying more than you do currently.

It’s always worthwhile speaking to those who understand how the market operates and who can arrange deals with reputable and reliable suppliers.

This will mean speaking with the experts at D-Energi who understand how the market works and can explain how they compare cheap business gas and electric deals to deliver impressive savings.