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20 Feb

Compare Business Gas Prices and Save!

by Simon Thompson

No business has money to burn on their energy bills which is why they should compare business gas prices and save money.

While many business owners will note this is something they must do, many of them will also struggle to find the time to do so because they are busy on a day-to-day basis looking after their business.

They may think the process of checking the market for the latest deals and best prices for gas prices that are on offer is complicated and time-consuming.

The process to find the cheapest gas tariff

However, the process to find the cheapest gas tariff is simplicity itself and the business owner should contact the friendly team at D-Energi who will find a deal that meets their needs exactly and also help with the switchover process.

This means the business owner is not involved in the times it takes to check the market for available deals since the energy experts will do most of the work on their behalf.

It’s also important to appreciate that the process of finding lower gas bills is conducted regularly regardless of the business’s size, since small and large businesses will save money.

How much they save will vary depending on their gas needs but they will range from several hundred pounds to several thousand pounds every year.

Commercial gas quote

Now that’s a commercial gas quote saving that should not be sniffed at and even with the commercial gas price tariffs changing on a regular basis, there are still big savings to be made.

Even if the business has more than one premises it is possible to find a cheaper gas deal that will meet their needs and save even more money.

It’s also important to appreciate that there are different types of commercial gas tariffs on offer to businesses which are variable and fixed rates.

Also, with energy prices predicted to rise, this is a good time to consider fixing into a long-term deal at an agreed low rate for an agreed period which will help protect the business against potential future gas price increases.

The industry watchdog Ofgem is keen that organisations carry out a regular check to see if they are on the best possible and, if not, make the switch to a better, cheaper supplier.

For more information and help about how to compare business gas prices and save money, then it’s time to contact the friendly team at D-Energi and put them to the test.