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15 Sep

Compare Business Gas Prices and Then Switch Suppliers

by Simon Thompson

There is a smart way to compare business gas prices and then switch suppliers that manages to avoid the frustration.

There’s no doubt that comparing the offerings between gas suppliers can be a time-consuming process but by contacting the friendly team at D-Energi, you will avoid this frustration.

Indeed, research reveals that many small businesses believe that it’s too difficult to switch their gas supplier but it’s not really.

There are steps you will need to take and the first one is to find the current market rate for your gas supply.

Find a commercial gas quote

Essentially, this means you will find a commercial gas quote that beats your current supplier’s offering.

This can be done by visiting various energy comparison websites and they will do most of the hard work for you.

Except they may not be searching the entire business gas supply market so you may well be missing out on tariffs that will be suitable for you.

This is also the point when you will realise that sourcing like-for-like quotes is quite difficult since the new energy supplier will want to tailor their offering to meet your needs.

Finding the cheapest gas tariff

Also, finding the cheapest gas tariff can be a complicated process since suppliers have different terminology and offerings.

This is where the expertise and experience of those who understand the business gas supply market will bear fruit.

With a simple and short phone call, it is possible to hand over a few details and within minutes know what the best possible gas supply deal is for your business, this is regardless of your business size.

Indeed, even small businesses, from one-man bands right up to large enterprises, can make substantial savings on their current gas supply deal.

It helps too that there is help for completing the paperwork and ensuring that the handover to a new supplier is a seamless process – there will be no loss of energy supply to a firm during the switching process.

By switching to a new business gas supplier it’s also possible to enjoy better customer services and perhaps have an energy audit completed to highlight where longer term savings can be enjoyed by using less gas.


For more help and advice about how to compare business gas prices and then to switch suppliers, speak with the helpful team at D-Energi.