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14 Jun

Compare Business Gas Prices and Find a New Supplier

by Simon Thompson

It’s a straightforward process to compare business gas prices and firms will be able to save lots of money by doing so.

One of the best ways for reducing overheads on commercial gas supply is to sign a fixed term contract.

This means the firm will begin the search for a price for their gas supply towards the end of the contract which generally runs for one year.

It’s also possible to get two and three-year contracts which will deliver even lower prices.

However, the only drawback to signing longer term contracts is they may be more difficult to get out of should the firm or organisation wish to cancel before the contract ends.

Opt for the cheapest gas tariff

According to some industry experts, the savings to be made by firms and organisations could be as high as 60% when they opt for the cheapest gas tariff.

While many firms will opt to use one of the ‘Big Six’ gas suppliers because they know the name and are reassured of supply, there are big savings to be made by switching to smaller suppliers as well.

Other issues to consider when looking at comparing gas prices is for those high volume consumers as they will see the price falling even more.

This means the firm should really have a good idea of how much gas they will probably use during the term of a contract so they get the best and most accurate quote possible.

This also brings us to the potential of the firm being on a rollover contract; this happened when their fixed term contract comes to an end and they will be switched to a more expensive ‘deemed’ rate.

Get the best commercial gas quote

It’s important that all firms and organisations pay attention to when their contract comes to an end and when the renewal occurs they can then get the best commercial gas quote.

A surprising number of firms will not check the potential for switching business gas suppliers and will be paying more than they need to for their gas supply.

Perhaps the best reason for switching supplier is not just to save lots of money but also look for those suppliers that may offer better levels of customer service and some suppliers offer energy audits as well.

The potential of undertaking an energy audit is to bring about energy efficiencies that mean the firm will be using less gas which will bring its own benefits with lower bills over the long term.

For more help and advice about how to compare business gas prices and finding a new supplier, then speak with the team of experts at D-Energi.