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21 Oct

How to compare business energy offerings

by Simon Thompson

To help boost business efficiencies it is always a good idea to compare business energy offerings but how does an organisation find the best one?

There’s no doubt that this can be a daunting process with so many firms offering a wide range of energy tariffs to attract a business as their customer.

Most businesses in the UK will be relying on their energy supply in order to operate effectively and if that energy supply was stopped for some reason then it would have a big impact on how they can trade.

For this reason alone, business owners and organisations should be engaged in what their business energy contract offers and what’s available on the market.

Compare business electricity and gas quotes

This will mean having to compare business electricity and gas quotes to find a better tariff so the business is not paying more than they need to for their business energy supply needs.

Perhaps the best approach is to utilise the experience and expertise of a firm that offers a way to find the best possible deal from the widest range of suppliers.

That would mean approaching an organisation such as D-Energi which looks at the entire market and not just the ‘big six’ business energy suppliers.

Another important aspect to appreciate is for the business looking to switch energy suppliers is that there’s a big difference between sourcing a supplier for a domestic supply and business energy suppliers.

Should someone look for a new energy supply for their home then they can pick a variety of defined energy tariffs to easily find the cheapest offer available.

The big difference for the business energy supply market is that energy suppliers tend to offer bespoke energy quotes because businesses have different uses for energy and at different times.

When a business wants to compare business gas and electricity tariffs

This also means that when a business wants to compare business gas and electricity tariffs for a new contract they may have to secure their business electricity and gas needs separately since suppliers tend not to bundle these together as a package.

Again, this is another good reason for using a firm that understands both the electricity and gas market for a business to find the best tariff.

It also needs to be appreciated too that the business energy supply market operates on strict terms that they do not for domestic supply so it’s more difficult to switch supplier during a contract term though it is easier today than it used to be.

That’s because Ofgem brought in rules that makes a business energy supplier tell their customer around 60 days before a contract ends what they will be pay under a new contract and, more importantly, what the terms of their rivals will be as well.

For more help and information about how to compare business energy offerings then contact the experts at D-Energi.