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27 Sep

Choosing A Business Electricity Supplier

by Simon Thompson

When it comes to choosing a business electricity supplier, how do you know that you are getting the best deal when there are so many to choose from?

The purpose of searching providers for a new deal is to reduce electricity bills, but some providers also offer perks and incentives to attract you as a customer.

This may include the offer of an energy consultancy to reduce your consumption of electricity – so your bills are substantially reduced and you can boost your green credentials.

This issue also means that finding the cheapest energy price means the cost may not be the main concern when finding a new provider and some organisations may prefer a better deal offering a dedicated account manager, for example.

Understanding business electricity rates

The question of costs also means understanding business electricity rates to ensure that you get the best deal for meeting your needs.

Competitive pricing is key for finding a way to reduce overheads even though business owners will need to understand the difference between fixed and variable tariffs as well as unit rates and standing charges.

To help, this is the D-Energi explanation for these:

  • A fixed tariff sees a firm agreeing their electricity costs over the duration of the contract
  • The variable rate tariff sees these prices vary during the contract duration
  • The unit rate is the amount charged for your actual consumption of electricity
  • The standing charge is the amount paid to the National Grid for delivering electricity to your premises.


It’s important to appreciate that the standing charge will vary between providers and some may offer a higher amount while offering a cheaper unit rate so there may not be any savings.

Cheaper business electricity provider

Its issues such as this that make the D-Energi team’s experience invaluable because when you need to find a cheaper business electricity provider, they can help.

Also, switching between electricity suppliers is straightforward, but to bring peace of mind the D-Energi team can take over the paperwork to ensure this process is completed properly.

The only thing that will change is that your bill will come from the new provider and there’s no loss of supply when you do decide to switch.

In addition, the team will monitor the market and when your electricity supply contract is due for renewal, they will get in touch with information about cheaper and better offers and incentives that may be of interest to you and your business.

For more help and advice when choosing a new business electricity supplier, you should speak with the experts at D-Energi.