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17 Jul

Cheap Business Gas Deals Are Only The Start

by Simon Thompson

If you run a business and an energy renewal deal has just landed on your doormat, then now is the time to look at cheap business gas deals to reduce overheads.

By shopping around, firms can reduce their current gas deal by a substantial amount; some firms could see savings of up to 40% or several hundred – or even thousands – pounds.

Larger firms will obviously enjoy bigger savings and have the prospect of improved customer services as well.

However, it’s not just about enjoying cheaper business gas deals but this should be part of an annual process for the firm to examining their overheads and reducing them to boost profitability.

Look for a cheap business electricity deal

Indeed, when we say that finding cheaper gas deals is only the start, we mean the firm should also look for a cheap business electricity deal as well.

There’s no doubt that these are available but many firms are tied up with their day-to-day tasks and don’t have the opportunity to use the comparison websites that will help them find cheaper and better deals.

Let’s not forget also that for firms in England and Scotland they may also be able to find cheaper water suppliers to reduce costs even further.

For many firms, the easiest way of finding a cheap gas and electricity deal is to speak with the helpful team at D-Energi who have access to the latest offers and can also deal with the paperwork to ensure the transition to a new supplier is a seamless one.

Source cheap business energy deals

All firms should try to source cheap business energy deals whenever they can and the government and Ofgem, the industry regulator, are increasingly keen on boosting competition within the marketplace and for all organisations to switch energy suppliers on a regular basis.

By doing this, the government says, prices will fall and firms will have a wider choice of suppliers to enjoy.

With the prospect of energy prices for firms increasing in the near future, it is also possible to find a new energy deal that the firm can lock into for two, three or even five years.

This means they will be insulated from any potential wholesale energy price hikes and will also have the opportunity to budget more effectively for their cashflow forecast.


However, as a business owner or a senior executive, you want to know just how effective cheap business gas deals can be and by contacting the D-Energi team this could be the start of a fruitful and rewarding relationship.